SETI’s custom designed traction battery for Golf Cars is becoming the leading power source for this growing industry.  SETI Power Packs replace less efficient Lead Acid and Lithium-Ion batteries, resulting in more diverse and faster charging capability, longer lifespan and extended run times for both consumer and commercial applications.

FEATURING 48 VOLT PACKS @ 40Ah | 60Ah | 100Ah

    • Up to 20,000 charge/discharge cycle
    • Rapid charge for increased cart “up-time”
    • Adaptable to a multitude of chargers
    • Readily accepts Solar kits for near constant recharge and reduced “plug-in” time
    • Under-seat mount for seamless upgrade
    • Capable of being a replacement or installed into new carts

SETI’s E-Mobility product line is being engineered for other Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) and “ride-on” applications such as ebikes, scooters, recreational vehicles, and anything else that benefits from superior energy storage technology.   


Designed for all “onboard” energy storage needs, SETI Power Packs provide long lasting reliable energy for a variety of systems such as non-idle HVAC’s and Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) backup.  SETI’s Mobile Storage products can be fitted to a diverse range of applications including long and short haul trucks, RV’s, Motor Homes, Coaches and Busses of all sizes for more reliable and efficient experience.

FEATURING 12V PACKS @ 40Ah | 60Ah 

    • Up to 20,000 charge/discharge cycles
    • Capable of charging from a multitude of sources including an alternator, axle, and solar for less need to “plug-in” to shore power.
    • Use existing frame rail or other mounting devices for easy installation.
    • Replaces existing lead acid batteries on non-idle applications.
    • Benefits include significant weight reduction, smaller storage footprint and reduced engine wear.
    • Designed to replace or augment onboard generators for RV’s and Motorhomes for campsites or true “off-grid” experience.

* Note that SETI also has a 48V 100Ah product for specific applications.

Expansion Industries and Applications

SETI Power Packs are cross functional, customizable and scalable to accommodate a wide variety of different industries and a multitude of applications.  Design for expanded uses within both the EMobility and Mobile Storage industries is underway.  SETI’s product development team is in contact with leading industry professionals to conceive of new products, specifically for Marine, Communications (i.e. cell towers) and Building Energy Storage Solutions (residential and small commercial) applications.

 SETI is ready and able to design a custom product for a wide range of applications.  If there’s products or applications you want to inquire about more with the SETI team, please contact us to explore ideas and discuss concepts.